Friday, March 19, 2010

An Exciting Week!

This has been a very exciting week for Delicate Fortress. Let me share with you!

1. Our store is now updated. You can now order products choosing from sizes, colors, etc. easily. Gift certificates and wish lists are available and you can easily create an account, track your orders and write product reviews. We think these steps will make your shopping experience more convenient and more fun!

2. We have a new look. Thanks to Photoshop, the roses from my backyard are now the header for our website, blog and storefront. It was so fun creating that. I hope you are enjoying it!

3. I have talked to three new organizations this week about offering their products. This is the most exciting part of all for me. We hope to be carrying aprons for women, magazine and newspaper necklaces and more handmade jewelry, home accessories and toys. With the purchase of these items women and orphans in Kenya, Uganda and China will be encouraged and supported. My heart just longs to help orphans in addition to the women and men that are helped through your purchases and this is such a practical and encouraging way to do that.

4. We have a quote on our website now that reads as follows: "Give a gift to the needy and they'll appreciate it; support their livelihood and they will no longer be needy." This is actually from my husband! He and I were talking about how the mission of this store is to help people in practical ways and what a gift it is to help the people who need help the most by something so simple as shopping.

I am so excited about these new happenings and can't wait to see what's in store next.


  1. Great updates here, Karyn. And we love the soap. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Sam! Glad you're enjoying the soap!