Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Find Out - What Drives You On-Line?

We are really trying to learn how to make the best website possible for you, so for the next few weeks we are going to be posing some questions in order to help make that possible and we're terming them Friday Find Outs. So, this week the question is: What drives you on-line? What we mean by that is why do you go on-line? Community, information, shopping, etc. We are exploring options for forums, product reviews, charitable organization information, etc. We welcome your thoughts!


  1. Mostly information and shopping. With the price of gas continually going up and crazy schedules, shopping online gives me opportunity to check for sales and other options without driving everywhere.

  2. The driving force for me to be on-line is education. I can learn about how to plant a garden, fix a generator or clarify my understanding of the term hyper-inflation. The net is a very powerful learning tool. So to learn about how individuals overcome such personal devastation and press on with life is inspiring.