Friday, April 16, 2010

Introducing Made With Purpose

As of today, we will be adding a new feature to our blog and store called Made with Purpose. We are very excited about this new venture for our store!

As I list the handmade items I'm selling from such creative artisans, I keep thinking that I wish I was doing something! When I did the research for the Restavek Foundation this month, I wished I could do something to help them through the business.

My four year old loves doing crafts and anything "artsy". She recently started making beaded necklaces for herself and everyone else she can think of! She inspired me to bead with her. So, I made a couple of beaded bookmarks with her. I'm going to be posting them today and you can order them to benefit the Restavek Foundation.

Here is how Made with Purpose is going to work. Handmade items will be listed and sold on our store. A determined percentage of the selling price will go directly to the foundation that we feature for the month. Our first foundation, protecting children in Haiti, is the Restavek Foundation. Since this is just starting, we only have a few things listed. But, we are calling on you!!

You can have a place in our store! If something touches your heart and you want to participate by making something handmade to sell on our store, please present us with your ideas! Email us at We are so excited to see how this all pans out and what great ideas you come up with. We hope to hear from you soon!

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