Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Work Together!

I am so excited to be writing this post. I was able to speak with Elizabeth Hendel, the Child Sponsorship Coordinator for the Restavek Freedom Foundation today. The Restavek Foundation provides the opportunity for individuals to sponsor a child on a monthly or yearly basis to provide that child with tuition for their education, books and necessary school supplies, a school uniform and one meal per day. Upon sponsoring a child, they send out a child sponsor card that describes the child and then every 6 months a progress update is sent as well, detailing that child's progress. Wouldn't it be wonderful to help with a child's progress and well being together?

I had been thinking about how, as a community and store, we could come together and do something about child exploitation. This is absolutely where my passion is when it comes to the store. I was also thinking it would be nice to have a concrete goal for everyone to become involved in in helping to stop this terrible fact of life. That's where the sponsorship comes in.

Elizabeth explained to me that the sponsorships have been postponed since the earthquake happened in Haiti. Their staff is dedicated to monitoring each child in their program and ensuring their well being. Since the earthquake they have been searching for the missing children from their program. The schools have obviously been closed as well. She explained to me that the sponsorship money has been going to relief efforts since the earthquake and that just recently the schools have begun to reopen and children have been able to go back to school. She hoped the sponsorships would become available in the next month again. So, let's get ready!

Here's the goal. As a store, I would love to see us reach the amount of $300 to be able to sponsor a child for a year. Our Made with Purpose section is what will enable us to do that. This section gives you the opportunity to buy a gift for yourself or someone you appreciate and part of the proceeds go to the featured organization of the month. As of now we have one type of product available, our beaded bookmarks. I have handmade these items, which cost $4.50 and are great Mother's Day and graduation gifts! $2.25 of each bookmark will go directly to the Restavek Foundation and sponsoring our child. To make it even easier, the Made with Purpose products come with free shipping!

To help meet our goal of $300, we are opening the store to you to handmake your own product and sell it. This will work similarly to etsy or ebay, only with a very specific purpose - to stop child exploitation. The broader our selection, the greater the chance that we'll be able to support this precious child more quickly. So let's get together! Learn more about how to get involved and start the process here.

We will be updating our progress toward meeting this goal on our home page so you can see how our efforts are moving along. Please check our status frequently and pass it on to others! Thank you so much.

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