Friday, April 9, 2010

New Products!

We have introduced many new products in our store this week, pictures and descriptions of which are listed below. To shop for the items simply click on the item name and you'll be directed to that specific product in our store. Today is an exciting day for me because I just received 2 shipments from brand new stores! Those products will be showing up very shortly. Look forward to some very trendy and fashionable aprons and additional beautifully designed jewelry!

Handmade Soap in Cucumber Melon - a great fresh scent for spring!

Handmade Soap in Gardener's Choice - Another great spring choice featuring lemongrass essential oils known for their skin conditioning and stress alleviating properties.

Lemon Sage Shower Kit - A great gift idea featuring some fantastic products - 8 ounce lemon sage shower gel, 6 ounce glycerin soap, packet of lemon sage bath tea and an extra large loofah back strap.

Nightlight Necklace in Pink - It's hard for me to not just keep this. This beautiful necklace has been designed and handmade by women who have escaped forced prostitution and recruiting other women to do the same. A gorgeous addition to an unlimited number of outfits.

Argentina Necklace - Another beautiful choice. Created from mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal, faux pearls and glass. Handmade by the women at Radiant Hope.

Any Day Departure Necklace - Such a versatile and beautifully designed necklace. Its 47 inch length allows for long or doubled lengths.

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