Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last week I talked about the restavec children in Haiti and our drive to support a particular foundation - the Jean Cadet Foundation. I want to direct you to a video this week in which Jean Robert Cadet, the founder of this great non-profit, speaks directly of his experience as a former restavec and leader of this organization. This is a 5 minute video, which sounds like a lot of time to spend on a blog post suggestion, but I believe it is well worth your time. It is powerful, it is sad, it is hard to watch, but the goal behind it is to motivate, not cause despair. The point of the video is to share it - to educate others around you as to what happens today and what we can do to help - raise awareness, donate, pray, use our buying power to make a statement, etc. Jean Robert's challenge and hope is that he will raise awareness to others who will then use their positions in life to help, no matter what age or stage of life. Each unique stage of our lives gives us different gifts that equip us to make a difference. What is your gift?

Options to help and the cost of each.
1. Watch the video. (5 minutes. Free.)

2. Share the video. (30 seconds. Free.)

3. Visit the Jean Cadet Foundation website to learn more. Sponsor a child there. (30 minutes; $25/month to sponsor a child)

4. Purchase a Made With Purpose item - half of the proceeds will go directly to the Jean Cadet Foundation. (5 minutes, $4.50) All Made with Purpose items ship free.

5. Pray. (Time is up to you. Free.)

Thank you all for your support.

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