Friday, April 23, 2010

Pure Joy

DFC has a couple of events coming up that I have been gearing up for over the past couple of weeks. In anticipation of these events, I have ordered several new products this week including kid's soap from The Enterprising Kitchen. Well, my 6 year old loves them! When I pulled them out of the box this week, he was so excited! He kept asking me how much they cost and I kept saying to him - "Honey, talk to Daddy and ask him to buy you one!" (If we buy anything from the store, we pay full price too and I didn't want him to buy it with his own money!) He woke me up yesterday morning asking me how much they were again and I again directed him to my husband. Apparently he never talked to my husband about it; he just kept coming to me! After he came home from school yesterday, he asked me again, so I told him, "Bud, they are $2."

"$2! That's not very much! I can buy that!" He pulled out his little velcro wallet and counted all the money he had in there. I told him he didn't need to buy anything - that he should save his money for something else and he said, "Why?" (Isn't that common of children?) Well, I didn't have a good answer. He asked me again, so I told him it was okay for him to buy one of the soaps. He put his money on the tabletop and joyfully walked away with his soap saying, "I'm going to unwrap it now!" He was so excited!

Later on I told him I was preparing for a sale we're going to be at tomorrow and he said, "Oh, is all the money from what sells coming back to us?" I told him that no, we bought things for the business to help people and then if we sold the items we'd use that money to buy more things and help more people. He couldn't believe it! He said, "You mean I helped someone with only $2!?!"

"Yes, buddy, you did!"

"Wow! Do you have anything for $1???"

"No, I don't. $2 is the least expensive thing."

"Oh okay." Later on, I was pricing the handcarved wooden tops and he wanted to know how much those were.

"$6", I replied.

"Oh, nevermind" he said. "I think I'll hold off on that one." So funny. He sounds like his mother when she shops!

His excitement is contagious don't you think?

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