Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are You Serious?!?

I happened across an article this week about Yale Sex Week. I had never heard of such a thing and when I read what happened during that week, I was shocked and outraged.

For an entire week one the most prestigious universities in this great country presented discussions that can only be considered crude and outrageous. Sex was cheapened at every corner and presented as a free for all, devoid of any meaning or intimacy. I was truly disgusted by what I learned.

I'm going to take a small tangent, but will relate the two ideas in a second.

In the literature I read regarding trafficking, etc. I hear a lot of talk about how pimps and traffickers are the crux of the problem and how heartless these creatures are. While I agree with these thoughts, I can't help but think of why these people exist and the "market" they serve. Men and perhaps women demand people to have sex with. They demand sex with people they don't know, don't connect with and don't, in all truth, care about. They are the reason for the traffickers. If there was no demand for meaningless sex, there would be no traffickers.

I believe that the people desiring meaningless sex, knowing full well the risk of disease, can only be described as sex addicts - people who are using sex and sexual images to escape from the realities of their lives. If this problem could be approached and discussed, the problem of trafficking would be fought at the root level and the cycle could be slowed down considerably.

Here's the thing. If Yale presents sex weeks and other colleges follow suit, our young people are going to be taught that sex is cheap, devoid of meaning and will objectify those they choose to hook up with. Trafficking can only broaden with this approach.

Something needs to change here. This is unacceptable.

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