Friday, May 14, 2010

Tomato Soup is Not My Friend

So I was planning on sewing all those mini bags that I announced last week, but my tomato soup can had a different idea.

My kids are in a phase right now where they want tomato soup frequently. My husband enjoys having big varieties for lunch and doesn't mind cooking, so he is always more than willing to cook for them (I barely want to cook for dinner, let alone lunch these days!), so he excitedly prepared tomato soup.

My husband also enjoys recycling. My family didn't recycle when I was growing up, so I didn't when my husband and I first got married. The first time I threw away an aluminum can he gasped in horror like I had just committed a major crime against humanity! His family recycled or kept everything! His mom literally has 3 desktop computers in their den because she doesn't want to get rid of them.

Since it was important to him, I started recycling with him. It is a good feeling to know you're doing something good and contributing and all that, but it's so much more work than just throwing the can away. Open it up, clean it out, find the recycling bin, empty the recycling bin, but the recycling bin back, put the can in the bin. Or....toss the can. Because I love my husband, I recycle regularly unless I'm frustrated with him and then, with great guilt, I will throw away a can and then later pull it back out and recycle it.

Anyway, let me tie these things together. So, the kids had tomato soup for lunch on Saturday. I cleaned up. Trying to conserve space, I tried putting a smaller can inside the tomato soup can (because I'm the organizer!) and, SLASH, there goes my thumb! Actually it wasn't that bad, but it did hurt and I haven't been able to use it all week to sew, so there go the mini bags for this week. Maybe next week!

So, I'm a little aversive to recycling and tomato soup now. Do you have any stories that relate? Priorities you've taken on simply because they are priorities to those you love? Tomato soup can injuries? Let's hear them!

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