Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Virgin Auction

I was browsing through a site that I've found very helpful in keeping up to date with human trafficking issues and I came across an article written by Angela Longerbeam entitled "Keep the Virgin Auction out of Nevada". You can find it here. It is pretty unbelievable. I'll sum it up for you here.

An Australian filmmaker, Justin Sisely, has decided that he wants to run an auction. To auction off virgins. He's looking for one man and one woman, who will be named Ben Smith and Virginia Peach, to auction off their virginity. They must be over 16, he says, and he will pay them $20,000 each to be involved in this auction as well as 90% of the auction price that they are sold for. The remaining 10% goes to the hosting Nevada brothel. After they are auctioned off, these individuals will be filmed having sex for the first time, which will later be made into a documentary to be available worldwide. Mr. Sisely may face a variety of legal issues including bringing a prostitute across borders since these people are from Australia and illegal prostitution in the county he would like to host this auction. I signed a petition letting the mayor of Las Vegas and governor of Nevada know my opinion on this matter and asking them to keep this from happening. If you'd like to join me, you can find the petition here.

Upon further research of this issue, I also found that this has happened as an online auction here before. A 22 year old California college student signed herself up, through a Nevada brothel, to have her virginity auctioned off. The highest bidder put in a bid for $3.8 million. He later backed out because his wife didn't approve. The woman being auctioned responded by saying that he should go to marriage therapy. She would be able to recommend this because she herself is doing this auction to pay for her master's degree in family therapy. Amazing.

This whole thing makes me sick. I read a lot of things on human trafficking, but none I have read so far have made this seem so acceptable in the US. Many women see losing their virginity as no big deal, a commodity, a means to an end, like a way to pay for a college degree. How about getting a job?

My only explanation in how they are justifying this to themselves is that these women must not realize that when you sell your virginity, you sell yourself. Your spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual well being are intermixed. You can not separate them.

Men are complained about all the time in seeing women as objects instead of valuable beings. How can we expect anything else when this is how women blatantly advertise themselves?

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