Monday, June 28, 2010

Check Out These Awesome Backpacks!

Well, we're back from our time off - refreshed and excited about the new products we're going to be offering here.

First up - a new Made with Purpose item! And, this one is for kids!

These drawstring backpacks are surprisingly roomy and so sweet and comfy for your kids to tote around anywhere you want to take them. Mom can stop toting everyone's things around now with these little beauties! A great bag to take to the beach, complete with the things each child will need and can carry on their own! Even a great bag for the car, carrying a change of clothes, coloring books, crayons and other activities to make those car trips feel a little bit shorter!

Check out these bags today. Limited quantities are available so order yours quickly before they disappear! And as always, a portion of this purchase will go toward supporting a restavek child in Haiti. Let's go shopping!

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