Friday, June 4, 2010

Do You Desire to Feed the Hungry?

Yesterday I went looking for vegetable plants to start planting my garden. While at a local nursery, I saw these adorable pillowcases in the shopping section. After I inquired about them, I found out that people were donating handmade pillowcases to be sold at an auction in July. The proceeds from the pillowcases would go toward the local food bank.

If you have a passion for feeding the hungry, local food banks offer many creative solutions for you. Our local food bank holds auctions such as the one I mentioned, walks, volunteer opportunities (kitchen, office, food pick ups and special events), donating food, donating money, participating in annual food drives and gleaning food from local farms who donate to their cause.

Here is a great site to find a local food bank in your area. I hope it is helpful to you if this falls in your area of passion.

Is feeding the hungry your passion? How do you help or what is your vision for helping? Let others know here.

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