Friday, June 11, 2010

Do You Desire To Help The Unborn?

In my research for the business this week, I ran across a beautiful site with the passion of helping the unborn and their mothers. If you have this same passion, you'll be very interested to learn this discovery.

The Agape Pregnancy Resource Center is located in Round Rock, Texas and they strive to help women who find out they are unexpectedly pregnant as well as their boyfriends and parents. It is an excellent resource center! They are a local establishment and provide honest answers for young women who are full of fear and hesitancy after finding out they are unexpectedly pregnant.

Agape provides a store for the girls to buy needed baby items through a unique Earn While You Learn program. As the girls go to classes on childbirth, parenting, finance, goal setting, GED preparation, infant care, and car seat use they earn Mommy Money to spend in the store which offers everything you could possibly need as a new mom from onesies to outlet covers!

How can you get involved with this fantastic ministry? The most creative way, I thought, to donate is by donating new baby items to the store. One of the ways they suggest doing that is through holding a baby shower and then donating the gifts to Agape! What a fun way to get involved. They have a specific program to donate in honor or memory of a loved one as well in which you send in your contribution. In return, a card is sent to the designee informing them of your gift. Finally, you can also donate money by phone or mail by printing out this form and sending it in with your contribution.

A beautiful way to live with purpose.

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