Monday, July 5, 2010

New Products - Okoa Bracelets

Introducing gorgeous bracelets from Trade Justice Mission! We just got these beautiful bracelets in last week and I am thrilled about them! They bring another light of brilliance and generosity to our boutique and I love how these have been created and the purpose they were created for. First up is the Nellie Bracelet. For $22, this fabulous bracelet benefits women in Tanzania who are fighting their way out of extreme poverty. Designed from millifori glass and sterling silver beads. To view additional details, please visit our shoppe here.

The Lydia Bracelet is a great chunky bracelet that is not only unique in style but personality as well. This bracelet has been designed from sterling silver and organic rough cut carnelian by women in the Philippines. To view additional details, please view the Lydia bracelet in our shoppe here.

And finally, my personal favorite. I couldn't believe how beautiful this was and I wish my photography of it did it justice. The gorgeous Salvation Bracelet has been hand designed from black stone, red coral, blue turquoise, green chrysophane and yellow citrine. This is a beautiful display of color and style. To view additional details and see this bracelet close up, please visit our shoppe here.

I am so excited about these pieces and just wanted to share them with you. On Wednesday, I am going to discuss Trade Justice Mission and Okoa Jewelry in greater detail so you will know exactly what this incredible organization is about and what you are supporting when you buy their jewelry. Stay tuned!

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