Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buy-A-Bag Launch!

It's here!!! Our Buy-A-Bag Drive is considered officially launched today!!

Here's how it works.....

You buy a bag, we give a bag to the women who have been rescued from forced prostitution at the A21 Campaign as a tangible way to express hope and encouragment to them. That's it!

When you buy a bag, which you can do HERE, we will send the same bag to the women at A21 for them to take their possessions home in when they have completed their stay at A21, leaving with dignity, hope and the joy of a brighter and free future.

This week we'll be discussing things that we don't normally tackle - how to add buttons, share on facebook, etc. in a way to help you share this and get to know your blogs better too!

Join us and BUY-A-BAG!!

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