Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling All Women!!!

There is something very cool about being a girl. My girls love having their hair and nails done. They love being read to and having girl time. It does something good for their hearts.

When you're trafficked, you are robbed of feminine dignity and beauty. Instead you are neglected, used, abandoned and hurt. Every day. is your mission......should you choose to accept it. (Cue Mission Impossible music.)

Shopping List for Today - cool nail polish, lip glass, pretty underwear (Yes, I said underwear!), small journal, comb/hairbrush, hair pretties, mailing envelope.

And now.....detailed directions......
  1. Go shopping!
  2. Buy the things on the above list.
  3. Put them in the mailing envelope.
  4. Include a letter if you wish. See below on what to write.
  5. Mail them. See below for options for addresses.
  6. Enjoy being a girl. It's a Thursday. Plan some time for yourself to appreciate the fact that you are a woman and all it means for you to be feminine between now and Sunday. While you're doing it say a prayer these women and give thanks for any and all securities you enjoy.
  7. Spread the word! Tell other women and get them on board. Share this blog post! Here's the link for you to do that -
  8. Participate in next month's drive - BUY A BAG DRIVE!!
    In the list below, you'll see all the things the women at A21 could benefit from. One of those things is bags to take some of their things when they leave the shelter. Have you noticed that DFC has some AWESOME bags???? Here's what we're going to do. If you buy a bag from now until September 30, we will DONATE a bag to the A21 shelter.

    Pick your favorite for yourself or a loved one and buy it. The same bag will then be mailed to the A21 shelter in Greece.

    This is such a tangible way to see human trafficking fought. The Freeset bags have been made by human trafficking survivors so you're benefiting them too. What a great opportunity for the women at Freeset to use their gifts to encourage other survivors to keep going! It's awesome!

The Nitty Gritty Details.....

1. Letter Info -

"We would love for you to write a letter or card to the girls in our shelter. Address your letter along the lines of "Dear Beautiful" or "Lovely," and write an encouraging note that places value and worth upon the girls. In the contents of your letter, be sure to refrain from stating your own beliefs or talking too much about your job or lifestyle, as these girls have all come from differing backgrounds and deserve to be respected and not made to feel bad about their situations. Obviously, they have been through a lot, and we ask that in your letters you do not claim to understand their situations or try to relate to what they have been through.

End your letter by signing with your first name only, and do not include any personal details. These letters are for the purpose of encouragement and support.

The letters can be mailed to the Greek office."

2. Items Info -

"You or your company are more than welcome to send gifts to the women and girls in our shelter. When donating materials to the shelter, we ask that you cover the shipping and import expenses that are associated with tangible donations. We also ask that you note the following when sending gifts:

Please send quality gifts. The A21 Campaign is committed to valuing the survivors of human trafficking in every way possible. Please note your gifts will be screened before being sent to the shelter. Please send any gifts to our Greek office.

General gift guidelines:

  • Toiletry items
  • Clothing items – please ensure these items are of good quality, and are not provocative
  • Gift items – notebooks, nail polish, CD's, jewellery, makeup etc
  • Suitcases or bags to give the girls when they leave the shelter

Corporate gifts. We would love for your company to donate a quantity of goods/items/clothing for the women and girls in our shelters, and also for our street/detention center/hospital outreaches. We are in constant need of toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, soap, female hygiene products, clothing, non-perishable food products and other essential items. If your company is interested in donating any of these goods, please contact our Greek office.

Addresses to Mail

Greek Office
P.O. Box 10218

-or- if you wish to send it to us, we will mail anything we receive the week of October 1 when our BUY A BAG drive ends. So you can send your envelopes to us!

Delicate Fortress Creations
P.O. Box 114
McKean, PA 16426

Let's get moving girls!

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