Sunday, August 29, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

If I can be British for a moment.... The giveaway was a smashing success!!!

I am so excited to report that between comments, fans, followers, subscribers, sharers and orders, we had 562 entries for our giveaway!! Thank you, thank you!

The winner was randomly chosen, literally. allows you to enter a range of numbers, you click on generate and a random number is chosen. We used that method to determine the winner of this particular giveaway.

So, congratulations to Brooke who I know is going to LOVE her new punjammies!

Continue to look for great giveaways as we will be regularly offering them now!

For now though, we mentioned to you our Buy a Bag drive on Friday. Tomorrow is the official launch when we will start highlighting it and how you can get the word out to make a difference!

Again, thank you to all who entered our giveaway. We truly appreciate your support.

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