Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Story of Human Trafficking....A Strange Good-Bye

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Car travel at nightAs Cristina sits in the passenger seat, she starts asking questions. "What's next?" "Where do we start?" "When will we be there?"

The driver who was so friendly before is all of a sudden quiet and doesn't answer any of Cristina's questions. She just drives.

Cristina wonders if the woman is just tired or thinking of their planned trip. She has nothing to do sitting in this seat. She wishes she could look at the passport that was completed, but the woman had kept that saying she needed it to help Cristina through her travels. She had also taken Cristina's birth certificate. Cristina guessed it didn't matter. She couldn't read them anyway. She just liked knowing they were hers.

After a long drive and several hours of complete silence in this car, the car begins to slow. It is dark now and hard to see anything. The only lights Cristina can see are the headlights of the car and the interior lights dimly shining in the car. The car stops. Cristina sits up in expectation, ready for the next leg of her journey. This ride has been awfully long. The woman beside her pulls over to the side of the road. Another car is waiting there too. The woman tells Cristina to sit still and stay where she is. She then gets out of the car.

Cristina can see the driver approaching the other car. The woman talks with what looks to be a man sitting in the car. She then withdraws what Cristina knows is her passport and birth certificate. She hands them to the man in return for what looks like a sizeable amount of cash. The woman then comes back to the car, opens Cristina's door and glares at her.

"Get out!" Cristina looks at her, confused. "What?"

"I said get out! My part is done here. You're going with him."

Cristina is too shocked to ask any questions. She steps out of the car. The woman grabs her arm and leads her to the passenger side of the car in front of her. She opens the door and pushes Cristina in, slams the door and leaves. That's it. No good-bye, thank you, nothing.

Fear grips Cristina as she looks beside her to the large man sitting beside her. He grins at her but there is something in that grin that doesn't look right. In fact, it scares her more. "Let's go" he says.

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