Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What A21 Is For

Out of all the organizations I have learned of so far, A21 has been the best at articulating their mission and how they hope to accomplish their endeavors. They completed an incredible amount of research before they even got started, meeting with non-profit organizations, interviewing rehabilitation centers, researching documentation and observing high brothel areas. They made sure they covered their bases so they could be effective.

A21 has 4 major goals to accomplish:
  1. Victim Relief
  2. Perpetrator Accountability
  3. Victim After Care
  4. Structural Prevention
Here is how they are accomplishing their goals:

A21 built a shelter in the trafficking center of the globe, Greece. It is in this shelter that women who have been rescued are able to attain legal counsel, medical care and meet regularly with a social worker to help them attain a basic understanding of the post traumatic and other psychological effects they are experiencing because of their what they have gone through. A21 helps them through crisis and into stabilization so they are able to plan their futures with hope and understanding.

A21 employs legal counsel to give the trafficked women the option to push for legal consequences of their traffickers and those involved in their horrific experiences.

A21 is partnering with outside organizations to give the women they have helped greater hope and stability for the future. They are seeking to partner with organizations that will help the survivors attain continued medical care and psychological services, vocational and basic education training and long term support to ensure their livelihood.

A21 has begun advocacy and school programs to educate people on trafficking. Structurally, three areas of trafficking need to be addressed to really work toward conquering the problem - vulnerable girls, systematic corruption and paying clients. School programs exist to educate girls on what a trafficking situation looks like. Employment opportunities that will provide dignity are researched and provided to vulnerable girls as well. School programs are impacting men to understand trafficking as well so they are less likely to look for a girl for hire and so they are able to understand that a one night stand for them is a life of entrapment for the girl they spend the night with. And finally, A21 is working with police and border patrol units to more effectively identify victims of trafficking and traffickers themselves to stop the problem in its tracks. Independent councils are also being formed to keep the police and governments in check to stop the corruption that facilitates and allows so much of the trafficking to continue.

Isn't it amazing? This organization is going to do wonders and has already done wonders for the women and girls who need it the most.

I think what I like the best about A21 is they keep their focus small. One at a time. That's all they are going for. They have huge ambitions, but they focus on the "one" so they will keep going.

Tomorrow I'm going to give you a whole list of things you can do to help A21 and the girls and women they are assisting. Some very practical ways exist that I'm so excited to tell you about them. Stay tuned!

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    they have a cpl very informative video ads as well & I've posted them at FHC ~
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