Tuesday, September 28, 2010

$140+ for Sunglasses?

I recently made an order for new products to make available for your purchase. Anytime I consider my options when ordering, I consider price. What might you think is affordable? What price are you interested and/or willing to pay when you shop with purpose? What big ticket items, if any, are you considering? What are you looking for?

I was working on something the other day and the TV was on in the background. I happened to hear this commercial and was taken aback by it. Over $139 for sunglasses? I wonder what that $140+ went to support. Maybe something worthwhile. Maybe not. Now, personally, I could not afford to pay that much for sunglasses, if for no other reason than I'd be shoveling out that money every 2 weeks when I kept losing the aforementioned sunglasses.

I try to make your options on the shoppe be affordable - something the average money maker out there can support without too much of a stretch, knowing they're doing something good. I respect the fact that money is tight for many people today and they have to be careful of what they are spending their money on and consider their purchases more than perhaps they did in the past.

But listening to this commercial made me wonder if I'm meeting what people expect. Do you expect or hope to pay more than $100 on anything that we might offer? Jewelry, home accessories, etc.? Or do you like affordable, purposeful shopping?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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