Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Story of Human Trafficking....What Is Happening?

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Quotes - 30 / 60It seems like its been a while now that this pain has been bothering her. The bottom of her belly just won't stop hurting. It started off not too bad at first, but now it was getting worse and each time she was called upon the pain was excruciating. Once, she made the mistake of letting the pain get the best of her and the john complained to the pimp about her "poor performance". Cristina received a beating she would not forget along with the threats. The threats were also getting more intense. She was older now. They liked the younger ones. She better earn her keep or she'd be sorry. She knew her days could literally be numbered if she did not meet the pimp or john's demands. Death had been threatened so many times lately. She knew nothing but fear now.

But lately other strange things were happening. She felt so sick in the mornings and because she had no access out of her room, she had to be sick in the trash can. She was thankful it was there and prayed that during her bathroom break she could clean it out so the pimp and johns didn't notice. Cristina also felt dizzy at the strangest times and so tired. She figured it could be because she wasn't sleeping well. She would go to sleep in the mornings curled up in a ball because she was so cold and then wake up several hours later sweating. She just felt so miserable lately.

A few months went by. Everything but the nausea was getting worse. Cristina didn't know how much longer she was going to be able to go on. Either the pimp would kill her because of her lack of enthusiasm and ability or she would die from whatever was happening inside her.

Then the strangest thing happened. She started to feel these bumps inside her, almost like something was hitting her from the inside. And then her belly began to grow. Soon she was no longer being picked by the johns. She couldn't understand how she could be getting so big. She wasn't eating that much!

2 days of no calls went by. The morning of the second day, her captor burst into her room. "Get out!" He yelled. Cristina began to sit up from her sleep when he grabbed her arm. "I said GET OUT! You are useless to me. No one wants you! You pregnant piece of trash! Get out of my sight. And I never want to see or hear from you again or I'll kill you. You're lucky I'm not killing you now!"

Cristina's mind reeled. Pregnant? Get out? Kill me? She had no time to think because the look of anger was real in her captor's eyes. He forced her out of bed and down the hallway, opened the door, threw her out and slammed the door behind her.

Was this really happening?

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