Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet Miss Ansley

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from high school found out about Delicate Fortress and sent me an email. She said, in part, "Is this your business? How wonderful! How rewarding!" My IMMEDIATE thought was, "Umm. Not feeling the rewarding part."

That has since changed. And it has happened through very unexpected and incredible blessings in the course of the last couple of weeks. I am learning that the rewards of having this business will not happen in any of the ways I imagined it might, but by the sheer blessing of those who want to make a difference and are so willing to make that difference. It truly surpasses any monetary reward that could possibly come through this endeavor.

I have already shared with you the incredible blessing and gift I received from Chadwick in relation to the Buy-A-Bag Campaign. This week I had the opportunity to speak to a small group of people about the project, Chadwick's gift and the business in general. While I was sharing the story of the business, I remarked that 2 bags had been sold at that point and one of the women who was sitting next to me looked at me and said, "Was that Ansley?" I looked at her, a little dumbfounded, and brilliantly said, "Uhh, no". And she replied with this, "Well, she's going to be buying one. She's saving up for it."

I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped pretty far.

Ansley is a teenager that I have recently come to know. This girl is incredibly sweet, smart and unbelievably talented. I have been taken aback several times by her maturity and respectfulness at such a young age. But she's a teenager! I NEVER expected a teenager to buy one of the bags simply because they have NO money! I really never expected for ANYONE to save up for one of the bags. Just because they wanted to make a difference. I just couldn't believe it. I KNOW, that when I was a teen I would never have been that selfless to do something like that. To purchase something, with money I had actually saved, because I wanted to help someone else. This world is so chalked full of people - at any age - who are thinking about what they have and want and how to get it. Of thinking only of themselves or how to fit in with those they look up to, or at least don't want to be mocked by. In my opinion, running across someone who is selfless and considerate is getting harder and harder to come by. Much too often, I fall into those areas of "those hard to come by", and truly struggle with being selfless. That is why I have been so inspired and humbled by Ansley's thoughtfulness. It's not because she bought the bag (which she did 2 days later); it's because she valued making a difference in another woman's life. And she will.

It sounds so simple and kind of strange that a $30 purchase could be so humbling and such an unexpected blessing. But Ansley has risen the bar for me with this business. If people are going to be saving for things on the store, to make a difference in someone else's life, I need to make sure they are glad they did. I want you, my DFC friends, to know that I intend to be an advocate for the survivors who have made these products by presenting them in an honest and clear way and by providing you with the service those individuals deserve to be represented by. I appreciate every shred of business I do with you, even inquiries, because I know you have purpose when you come here. And I want to honor that purpose.

I also want to honor Ansley. In her honor, the newest addition to our store, our converting backpack/tote, will be named the Ansley Tote. If you purchase this tote, I pray that you remember Ansley and her thoughtfulness and the woman she helped by buying a bag.

Thank you to Ansley and thank you to all of you who come here and shop with purpose. I pray that you will be blessed because of your thoughtfulness and generosity.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring story. God bless DFC and God bless Ansley.