Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Story of Human Trafficking.....Living In Slavery

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Don't Chain Me Down

How long as she been here? She doesn't even know whether its day or night by the sunlight, but by when the men started arriving. She knows it's night then.

A desperate sense of helplessness has surrounded her. She has tried everything to escape. The first night, when he brought her here, she tried to resist him. She tried to bite and cry and yell and kick and escape any way she could, but it was useless. He was so much stronger than her and overpowered her.

She has no idea how many men raped her that night or how long the night lasted. It seemed to go on forever and the more she tried to resist, the stronger they seemed to become.

In the morning she barely had recognized herself in the one dark mirror that was provided in her room.

She had had no idea what was happening. After that incredibly long car trip in the dead of night, Cristina was forced into this room by what she could only call her captor. He had gone on and on telling her how much she owed him, how much he had paid for her. And then he had overtaken her. He ushered what seemed to be 10 men to her when he was finished.

She hurt. She was terrified. This has never happened to her before. She had no idea what to do.

Night after night, strange men approached her and forced her to do things she had never imagined. One time she tried to refuse, but her captor heard her and used a force so brutal that she knew she could no longer resist, but hope that somehow, someway, she would be rescued.

She was not the only one there. Many other women stayed in this "cafe" as the men called it. Each night the women were ushered into a room carrying numbers to identify themselves. In a strange mirror they looked and waited until the men entered and took them away to their rooms. Rooms with bars on the windows and a single door that locked from the outside.

Cristina had never been allowed out on her own. Her captor always escorted her. And his escort rung of the threats of what would happen to her if she tried to escape.

The other women experienced the same hell. Many women had come and gone from here. At first Cristina had attempted to interact with the women, but as soon as the captor saw a potential friendship could be developing, one of the women all of a sudden disappeared.

Cristina's will had been broken. As the days drug on, she began to submit to the captor's will and will of each man who came in her room. She began to feel hopeless. She stopped eating for a while, hoping to end it all, until her captor used his brutal force again and broken even the minimal will that was left.

There was no more hope.

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  1. I just feel sick and can't imagine her horror.

  2. Powerful perspective... It's difficult to imagine what life is like for the victim of sex trafficking.

  3. Shopping to serve self doesn't appeal to me when we see the suffering. It is great to see how someone's shopping can serve someone else in greater need. Please share how your business sends support to these. Thank you!

  4. Delicate Fortress Creations purchases our products from non-profit organizations who rescue, teach, and train women and men who have been involved in forced prostitution and extreme poverty. Therefore, the money used to buy these items has supported the missions of the non-profits themselves (International Princess Project, Abba House, etc.) and therefore the people rescued by them. We also purchase from for-profit organizations like Scarlet Threads who employ individuals immersed in extreme poverty at a fair trade wage, often encouraging them to work in their own homes, as in the case of Scarlet Threads. You can learn about each artisan group individually by going to Each group we purchase from provides a minimum of a fair trade wage to the women and men they help, offering them a better way of life. Many of the groups also provide education, vocational training, medical care and counseling. Delicate Fortress also has other benevolent ways in which we help. There is a Made with Purpose section in which individuals have donated items they have made and a portion of the proceeds (item specific) is going into a fund to fight child exploitation. Now we have the goal of raising $300 to support a restavek child (child slave) in Haiti for 1 year through the Jean-Cadet Restavek Foundation. You can learn more about that here Finally, at the moment we are having a Buy-A-Bag Drive to support the women at the A21 Campaign. If a bag is bought in this section of our store, we will send the same bag to the A21 Campaign in Greece (colors may vary, but the bag will be the same). One of the things A21 has said would be beneficial is bags for the women rescued from forced prostitution to take their items home in once they are ready to leave the shelter. You can learn more about that at If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask them here, our comment form ( or email at Thank you so much for asking and your interest. I hope this answer helped!