Monday, October 25, 2010


** *BriGhT LighT * **
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Cristina stands up. The light is blinding. She has never seen such bright light. Can this be happening? Is she free?

She starts walking away, slowly at first because of this baby inside her, but then she walks faster and then runs. She is away! She is out of the brothel!!! She can hardly imagine how this happened and if it is real.

Eventually she stops and looks around her, fear starting to well up within her. Where is she? The language she is hearing is strange. The people are so light skinned here and are looking at her so strangely. She looks down at herself. She is a mess. Tattered and unkept clothing with hair to match. No shoes. No wonder people are looking at her so suspiciously.

All of a sudden she feels unsafe. At least she was familiar with her surroundings in the brothel. She knew the other girls. She knew what was going to happen next. Although she had hated him, she had at least grown accustomed to the pimp that had held her hostage for so long.

She should go back. Maybe if she begged he would take her back. There was no way she could survive out here on her own. She didn't know the first thing about survival here.

She turns to go back. And then something abruptly stops her. Something hurts. She's been feeling this way since she stopped running, but it didn't last very long. This is the fourth time it's come back and now it hurts worse. She has to stop.

Now what is happening?

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