Friday, October 29, 2010

October In A Nutshell

My goodness - this has been a busy month!

DFC has been so busy - attending an expo at the beginning of the month in which we were able to meet incredible women excited to shop with purpose and help the beautiful souls who make the products we showcase. We did a great home show in the middle of the month and are planning our next one now. And we are getting ready to showcase our products in a new local bookstore!

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of these developments and I hope you are too.

Because of all the events our inventory is making a huge turnover, which is both exciting and sad. As I'm making orders I'm learning that many of the items we've had so far are no longer available because of their truly unique nature. The Caroline apron is discontinued, which we only have 1 left of!, the Salvation and Nellie bracelets are discontinued and I think you already know that when a we're out of a particular size or style of punjammies we are truly out and so is everyone else!

This is great because when you order something you know you are getting something that is one of a kind. It's fun offering you new products and providing you with a different variety so often. It's hard though too because I have LOVED many of these items that just aren't available anymore.

As the holidays approach our inventory will continue to turn over, so keep your eyes open and if you see something you love, scoop it up! It, unfortunately, may not be there when you check again!

We are achieving the exact mission we have all hoped for! We are buying more products to continue to support artisans around the world who are working their hearts out to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others in their communities. And we're encouraging the non-profits who are helping them. Thank you for making that happen.

And, in light of these changes, our site is going to be undergoing some major changes! In the next week we'll be adding new items for you to purchase and working hard to finish up a goal we set in April. Did you know we are only $35 away from sponsoring a child slave in Haiti? I can't tell you how excited I am to meet this goal and help this child. I'll explain more on Monday and reveal a few new Made with Purpose items and a new seamstress and her beautiful creations that will help us meet our goal!

Can't wait to show you our delightful surprises on Monday! Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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  1. So excited to get an update about all the happenings over here!