Monday, October 18, 2010

What You're Doing - Okoa Jewelry

I wanted to start sharing stories with you as I hear them. I received a few cards in a recent shipment I received from Trade Justice Mission and I wanted to share their stories with you.

My name is Hena. I come from West Borneo in Kalimantan. I loved in a very poor village in the jungle. I am part of the Dyak tribe. My parents could not take care of me, so I came to the orphanage to live. I am a happy girl, quiet and sweet. I enjoy music, reading and art. I am really grateful to be at this orphanage and to be a member of the Okoa jewelry co-op. Making the jewelry encourages my creativity and I would like to design my own jewelry someday. When I am grown, I would like to be an accountant. Please pray for my family.

My name is Deli. I come from a very remote area of the jungle in Papua, New Guinea. There is a lot of racial tension and fighting there. I have 4 siblings and because my parents are poor they could not take care of me. In my village there was very little opportunity for schooling and medical care was inadequate. I was also exposed to drinking local liquor and drugs. My younger sister and I came to live at the orphanage. I am very quiet and have a lot going on inside. As I warm up to peopel they see that I am really sweet and have a beautiful smile. I am very thankful to be here at the orphanage where I can learn about God, have an education, and be away from teh bad things in my village. Please pray for my family who live in the jungle and that I would do well in school.

My name is Darmawati. I like to be called Yarni. I came from Nias, Sumatra. When I was small my mother ran away. My dad remarried when I was 7 and my life was very difficult. Eventually someone helped me and brought me to the orphanage in Jakarta. recently my mother tried to return to my father but he beat her very badly. She is now in the hospital. She is now trying to find all of her children to ask for their forgiveness. I am thankful to be at the orphanage where it is safe. I love to read and write. I dream of being a writer someday. I lave a lovely smile and bright cheerful eyes. I am excited to be chosen to be in the Okoa jewelry co-op. It is fun to make the jewelry and I am starting to dream about my future. Please pray that when I see my mother I can forgive her.

My name is Anita. I came from Manado on the Island of Sulawesi. I have 10 siblings. My family is very poor and there are struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. Several years ago my father died. My family life remained very difficult. My older siblings often come to our house for money but my mother doesn't have any. My family has a lot of problems and it is a painful place. I have a child that is being raised by the orphanage staff here because I am very young. I am so grateful to be here at the orphange where I am learning about God. I feel safe here. I love to sing, read and swim. I work hard at school and am excited to be learning English. I have seen God change my character and my family since I began to pray, so I am very encouraged and full of hope. Pray that I would continue to trust God to heal my brokenness.

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