Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carriers, Caddies and Blankets!

Introducing the newest items in our Made with Purpose section!

Crystal, a sweet stay at home mom, learned about DFC about a month ago. And she wanted to do something.

She makes gorgeous baby carriers and we have them in stock! You've all seen the Baby B'Journ carriers that have been popular for a while now. I'm a fairly small person and when we had our children we purchased a knock off version of that particular carrier. I couldn't tolerate using it after our son turned about 15 pounds. It was just too uncomfortable. He was happy. I was not. And, the carrier seemed so boring and masculine to me in color variations of blue or black. What post partum mom wants to carry around something black and blue??

Enter Crystal. The adorable Mei Tai baby carriers she makes solve both problems. They are hand sewn and tailored for support at your waist and shoulders, perfect for comfort and sustainability for both you and your baby. These carriers are incredibly supportive for the baby and give you freedom of movement that even a baby sling doesn't offer (what I tried with our second baby). This is a great gift for a new mom - whether this be her first or sixth baby! She will love these beautiful patterns and prints. Just the perfect, pretty lift a new mom needs.

Thank you Crystal for this beautiful addition to our store! Crystal is generously donating $10 of the purchase price of these carriers to help sponsor a restavek child in Haiti. And -- the general market price for these is between $85-90 for plain ones. Our $70 price range continues in the theme of affordable shopping with purpose. So if you need a great gift or some rest if you're that mom, you've got to get one of these!

Also new on the store this week are incredibly cool art caddies! Tons of pockets and space inside and made with adorable fabric! These are a perfect item for any age to organize crafts, art supplies, stationary, bills, notes and kids creative arts. The possibilities are endless! My daughter stashes all her art supplies in one of these and she loves it! It's easy for her to carry all over the house and anywhere else we go and it keeps everything in one space so she always has easy access to it! I love these things.

And finally, baby blankets. Our sweet waffle knit fabric with satin lined edges provides the comfort of a lovee designed to withstand heavy use and years of love. Lightweight, breathable and in a variety of edging colors, these will be just the thing your little one needs for covering in any type of weather and for everyday general use. We used to have these when our little ones were little. You could get them through JCPenneys. They don't make them any more! So, we do! Pick yours up and give the mom or little one in your life a sweet gift. As always, part of the proceeds of these and the art caddies go toward sponsoring a restavek child in Haiti.

Check out these great new products and let us know what you think! Can't wait to hear from you!

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