Friday, December 3, 2010

Body Polish and Body Balm to the Rescue

Up for today are 2 great products. Yesterday we didn't list anything so we could give you 2 great deals today - and they compliment each other making your savings so much sweeter! The body balm and body polish are so great for so many reasons!
  1. Smoothing and moisturizing for your skin, especially during these harsh winter months.
  2. Great for manicures and pedicures to give the pampering experience we all need during the holiday season!
  3. A great way to help women in Nashville, TN at Thistle Farms who are fighting their way out of forced prostitution, addictions and behaviors leading to past imprisonment.
A great way to make a great difference!

Here's how they work - The body polish is your first line of defense against rough skin. Containing exfoliating properties, it will smooth away dead and dry skin. Rinse after application and then apply the super moisturizing body balm. A great way to give your hands and feet a rest from the elements! And we have 3 delicious scents to choose from so you can choose your favorite - citrus vanilla, tea tree mint and lavender.

On sale today only so make sure you scoop them up! And remember, free shipping with coupon code "Christmas", so even if you're not buying them as a present for someone else you can buy them as a present for yourself! Shop for them here!

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