Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebrating Our Milestones

It's so hard to believe it's been a year and I'm so thankful that this year is up. Running this business has been like starting a new job. I always felt like the first year of a new job was the hardest - figuring things out, learning the ropes, finding the right rhythms and learning the cycles of the job. This has been no different.

When I look over the last year I am amazed at what all has happened here and I want to celebrate those milestones with you this month - celebrate with you all the things you have made possible through your support of DFC.

Have you seen the artisans page of our website lately? We were able to upload a map that shows you all the artisans we are currently working with and their locations around the world. It truly is amazing how many people you are supporting when you make a purchase. I am so proud to say that we are working with over 25 different artisans, non-profits and small businesses around the world, which is growing almost every week it seems. When you look at the page, under the map you will see each of the artisan groups listed in different colors revealing what area they are being helped with (human trafficking, poverty, child expolitation, etc.) and then you can click on each group to shop for the items they created. Pretty soon we're going to explode off the page and I'm not sure what we'll do then, but that will be a good problem!

I was disappointed to see that we weren't working with anyone in South America, but even that is changing! I am really hoping it will be possible to bring you gorgeous Peruvian cards soon. You won't believe how beautiful these are! All hand made by some very special artisans. What I am most excited about with this couple is that we will have the most personal connection with them - a direct touch into their lives. That's what I've been hoping for over this first year and I am thrilled that it is going to happen so soon. My prayer is that we will give this couple encouragement and joy in a way they might not have ever imagined.

So, check out our artisans page and let us know what you think! As always, if you personally know of anyone that could benefit from DFC please share that with us. We would love to join with you to make a difference in their lives!

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