Sunday, January 23, 2011

Craft Hope Initiative.......We're Getting Organized!

Wow! I am so excited about the excellent feedback we received in our effort to cooperate with Craft Hope to provide maternal birth kits to women in Haiti! Thank you!

We had such an overwhelming response not only from individuals but from other fair trade businesses and organizations. There are so many great ideas flowing out there and they are just about organized! We will be announcing our final plan tomorrow!

In the meantime we want to know who all wants to get involved in any capacity (donations, purchasing kits, purchasing portions of kits). If you're a blogger, business, organization, part of a group or a big hearted individual let us know that you're planning on getting involved by commenting here.

If you promote the idea in any way after it is announced we want to know that too! Shoot us an email with the link to your promotion and we'll promote you on our blog, facebook page, twitter and website!

Thank you in advance! I believe this will be a success!


  1. Looking forward to hearing what's cooking, Karyn.

  2. How much is the kits to send them?

  3. We're assessing that now! Stay tuned for the big announcement tomorrow!