Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To.....


Benitha is our sponsored child in Haiti through The Restavek Freedom Foundation, made possible through your purchases from our Made with Purpose campaign. I am so excited to introduce you to her.

Benitha is 14, soon to be 15 years old since her birthday is February 28th. She is originally from Grand Goave, Haiti and has 2 biological brothers and 2 biological sisters. Here is more detailed information about her, quoted from the letter I received from The Restavek Freedom Foundation.

Prior to the January 12th earthquake, Benitha was staying with a family in their home working long hours while trying to juggle school attendance and homework and occasionally she made a visit to her mother. She was and still is responsible for chores such as cooking, fetching water throughout the day, turning on the electricity, doing the laundry, and cleaning the house- except for now she does all these things a little differently and more for up to 20 people and now they all live in a field under a tarp. Benitha still works very hard and manages to find time to attend classes and turn in her assignments to her teacher.

She enjoys reading and writing and would like to attend the University one day. She dreams of becoming a Teacher. In her spare time, she likes to find a way to dance and improve her singing. Receiving an education, singing, and dancing all bring much joy to her life, says her Child Advocate, Francoise.

Thank you for believing with us that love and education can uproot this cultural practice and create new futures. Thank you for your support towards Child Advocacy and to Benitha.

Are you as excited as I am?! I hope so!

We were able to raise $300 to sponsor her for one year. The sponsorship just increased to better meet the costs for The Restavek Freedom Foundation. Therefore it will cost $360 to sponsor her next year. Since it took 7 months to raise the initial sponsorship for $300 we are planning on working to raise the money to sponsor her next year again. If we meet that goal before the sponsorship renewal time comes, we will find another way to help children who are being exploited. I'm very optimistic that will happen since we're already at $200 to sponsor her next November!

So, again THANK YOU. You have made a difference for this little girl and we are so appreciative!

Keep an eye on our progress on our home page, let us know what you think and keep supporting Made with Purpose!!

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