Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking Out My Window

As I was preparing lunch today, I stopped and looked out my kitchen window for just a moment. A year ago I was reading "Not For Sale" and I remember looking at the same scene I saw today. And feeling the comfort of freedom and the warmth of my home.

And then I thought of what they must be going through.

Children trapped in prostitution and slavery. They may not have a window to look out. They don't have the comforts of freedom and warmth. Their security is all false.

I have a CD I love to listen to at Christmas by Third Day called Merry Christmas. I have always sung along to the chorus of this song but never paid attention to what the words are.

The song is actually talking about adoption, something I'd like to focus on with DFC this year. I couldn't help but apply the words of this song to what we're doing here. Apply it to the children that are alone and wishing for a way out or the children who have been damaged enough that they no longer wish for a way out. I pray that a way out will be found for them.

Even though we can't adopt a child together, in a very significant way you have made a huge difference for a child in the last two months. I waited to tell you until now so I could truly share with you what is happening in a time when it might be more possible to focus on this significant accomplishment.

In November we were able to officially sponsor our first restavek child through The Restavek Freedom Foundation. Her name is Benitha. She is 14. On Thursday I'm going to introduce her to you further and show you her picture. I can't wait!

Through your gracious donations and purchases of Made with Purpose items you not only raised $300 to sponsor her, but we are up to $200 toward sponsoring her again next year! I have been beyond blessed through this endeavor and I pray that not only Benitha but you will be blessed by this too. You are truly making a difference. Thank you so much.

If you have the time, take a listen to this song by Third Day and be encouraged that one more child has a hot meal, is receiving an education and is experiencing more blessings than she probably imagined. Not only that, but she truly has a reason to hope for the future.

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