Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Anti-Valentine's Day Action Plan

So, do you like Valentine's Day? You know, I have never been a fan. I think from the time a girl turns about 10 years old the pressure starts. Remember the Valentine's boxes you had to create and take to school? The little Valentine's Day cards you had to fill out for every person in your class - hoping for a secret sign from even 1 person that you were extra special to them?

Maybe you can't relate to any of this, but if you're anything like the Berenstain Bear book I just read to my daughter, Sister Bear knows what I'm talking about.

So, from the time I was 10 on I haven't been a fan. I put enough pressure on myself already without the pressure of having just the right person love me in just the right way. I think Valentine's is stressful for my husband too because even though he is incredibly thoughtful and generous, he never knows what to do that will be the "just right" Valentine's Action Plan.

If you're in my boat I have an action plan for you.

Forget about it. Forget about having just the right experience from just the right person on Valentine's Day. I'm going to give you a game plan for how to enjoy the evening with the pressure completely off.

1. Go to work. Yes. If you don't go to work you can't get paid and then you can't afford any of the ideas that will follow that cost money. :)

2. Stop at your favorite restaurant and order your favorite dinner. Take it home.

3. Put your dinner in the refrigerator and take yourself to your bathroom.

4. Run a nice hot bath. Maybe light candles, maybe not. Hey, you could add bath tea or salts to your bath to make it extra moisturizing and aromatic!

5. Just soak. No magazines, no distractions, just you soaking in your bath.

6. Get out of the tub. Give yourself a moisturizing treatment. Maybe some body polish to get the harshness of your day completely off - followed by body balm to completely soothe your skin!

7. Get dressed in your oh so comfy punjammies. Who doesn't love their punjammies - and for good reason!?!

8. Wrap up in a cozy perfectly weighted sari throw. (Did you know they were on sale??)

9. Meander back to your kitchen. Warm up your dinner. Go back to your bathroom because we forgot to blow out the candles and who needs a house fire on Valentine's Day? Find your dinner again, turn on a comedy or your favorite movie, cuddle up on your couch and enjoy the rest of your stress-filled evening.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I know, this is also a sales pitch, but I dare you to argue that that doesn't sound like the best Valentine's Day night ever! (And the way I figure it, you have through Friday to make all this possible!)

Have a different plan? Let's hear it!