Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Gift of the Blogosphere

Blogging Research WordleFirst up this week I want to introduce you to the incredible bloggers that truly ramped up our efforts for the Maternal Birth Kit initiative and made a huge difference in the number of birth kits we will be sending later this week. If you get a chance, please visit this folks and give them a shout out for what they did to make this initiative so successful.

Tea and Crumpets -- I didn't "meet" Lexi until just a couple of weeks ago. She has been awesome. She blogged, tweeted and shared personally and through her blog, which is dedicated to crafting, cooking and life in general. Lexi has felt so passionately about this project and is already suggesting ideas for new ones. I'm sure she's going to come up with something amazing, so stay tuned! Thank you Lexi for everything!

Amy Sullivan -- I started to get to know Amy when I started the business. Our blogs started at just about the same time and we started supporting one another almost immediately. She has an incredible heart for giving and that's what her blog is all about - living generously and graciously. She reveals simple inexpensive ways to give as well as her struggles in giving. Her blog provides a community of people who struggle to but desperately try to give completely of themselves. Aren't we all like that? A great blog to check out when you'll looking for unique ways to live with purpose and share in the difficulties of doing so. Amy featured our project in relation to the fact that she had her baby ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! She understands in a very real way why you need to have plastic sheeting when you have a baby! :) Amy, thank you for your creativity.

The High Calling -- Sam Van Eman has been a dear friend of my husband and myself for a long time. He has his own blog here and also edits for The High Calling, a community of bloggers that focus on work, life and God. There are always great conversations happening there about genuine realities. There is nothing fake about High Calling's community. Sam featured our initiative through Amy's story on The High Calling. He also facebooked and shared with many people what we were doing. Thank you to Sam!

Shop to Stop Slavery
-- Robin started Shop to Stop slavery last year, also about the time DFC began. Her blog is ALL about how to shop with purpose and where to do that. She features online retailers, including DFC!, through an on-line catalog that will point you in all kinds of "ethical" shopping directions. She blogged, facebooked and tweeted all about our project as well. If you love what we're doing at DFC but can't find the perfect gift I encourage you to check her site out. I bet you'll find what you're looking for through her!

Simple Green Living
-- And last, but absolutely not least, there is Cathy. She just started blogging at Simple Green Living, a blog focused on environmental and social justice friendliness. Like so many others, she blogged, tweeted and shared our project and has found some awesome ways to contribute! She not only made blankets and totes but generously donated a ton of plastic sheeting for the kits! She also offered a great incentive for her readers and followers as a way to participate in the project. For every comment she received regarding her Maternal Birth Kit post she donated shipping for one of the kits! How creative and thoughtful is that? The irony of connecting with her - for the first time ever - is the fact that she literally lives 30 minutes away from me! I get the privilege of not only meeting her this week but working with her to assemble the kits! I'm pretty excited about that. Thank you so much to Cathy!

Thank you, thank you to all these people, most of whom were strangers to me only a short year ago. This is the gift of the blogosphere.

Are you a blogging individual who shared our initiative? Let us know with a link to your post so we can thank you too!

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