Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guess What I Am Now!

Okay, so I was thinking maybe I made it impossible to guess what yesterday's picture way. So, here's another picture!

Try to guess:
  1. What this is. (10% off your order coupon.)
  2. What cause it works toward. (10% off your order coupon.)
  3. And for an extra bonus, who makes it! (15% off your order coupon.)!! Check our our artisans here because it is one of these artisan groups!

Make a guess for each of these or even for just one. The first one to get them right wins the coupon!

Comment here or on our facebook page to win!


  1. Is this a new product? Or is it actually on your site now??

  2. It is a brand new product! Due to come out on the site this Friday!

  3. How about:
    1) a wallet
    2) made to fight extreme poverty
    3) by Conserve India

  4. Congratulations Melissa for winning our first coupon! This product is to fight extreme poverty!! Send us an email at to get your coupon!

  5. Okay folks, the cause coupon has been taken, but we still have an item and artisan coupon left to give out! Keep guessing!

  6. woo-hoo! hope someone guesses what it is...I'm so curious now!