Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guess What I Am!

So, we did this several months ago and it was so much fun I thought we would do it again today.

It's February, it's dreary and everyone is sick so we could all use something fun to think about right?

So here it is....

What do YOU think this is a picture of? This is a new product we'll be offering beginning Thursday!

Here's is what you can guess:
1. What the item is.
2. Who makes it. Visit our artisan page here for ideas. And the artisan is listed there. :)
3. What cause its purchase will benefit. All of our causes are listed here.

And here's what you have to gain....
The first person to guess these correctly (even just one of them) wins a 10% off coupon for their entire store order!

So there are 3 10% off coupons up for grabs for the rest of today and tomorrow! Start the guessing by commenting here or on our facebook page! Good luck!

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