Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Benitha!

Last week when we were assembling the maternal birth kits for our Konbit Sante initiative, my son and I had an interesting conversation.

It's amazing how the innocence of children kind of disappears when they go to school, even on matters I never expected.

As we were assembling the kits he said, "Mommy, do the kid slaves in Haiti get whipped?"

Surprised that he knew the word whipped I answered him, "Yes, bud".

"Do they get whipped when they do something wrong?"


"Do they get whipped when they are disrespectful?"

"Yes honey."

"Do they get whipped every day?"


There was a long pause of just silence.

And then he said this:

"Are these babies going to get whipped?"

"I hope they don't honey."

My heart sank. Again.

That was one of the things I thought about as I was working on our maternal birth kit initiative - the reality of what these babies will have to face - realities of poverty and slavery more than likely part of their future in Haiti. That's not okay with me and I can guarantee that's not okay with you.

And that is why we tied it in to our Made with Purpose project. Because of your support we were able to sponsor Benitha in November. $300, all proceeds from our Made with Purpose line, have provided her with schooling, books, a uniform, a daily hot meal and a child advocate to ensure her well being. We've continued to raise money for her so we will be able to sponsor her again in November with an increased rate of $360.

One of the options we provided you with in the Maternal Birth Kit initiative was to provide shipping costs for the kits. Any remaining monies after the items were shipped would then be applied to the fund we have to sponsor Benitha.

I am proud to say that because of your initiative and generosity we were able to raise close to $200! And it cost $123 to ship the kits to Maine. That means that we had $77 to apply to sponsoring Benitha. Between the sales of our Made with Purpose line (our blankets have been selling like hotcakes this week!) and your donations, we are now up to $306.55!!!! We only have $54 before we'll meet our goal for November! That is amazing!

After we meet our goal we'll be looking for another tangible project to complete to fight child exploitation until November when we start raising money to sponsor Benitha again. We'll take any ideas you have so please share them with us!

And most importantly today, happy 15th birthday Benitha! We are proud to sponsor you and be part of your life in even a small way. Our prayers are with you sweetheart!

Since you've invested in this with us, I wanted to share with you the latest update from The Restavek Freedom Foundation. If you think of Benitha, please say a prayer for her.

January 27, 2011

Update on Benitha:

Benitha’s living situation has not improved since the house she was living in was severely damaged in the earthquake. She still puts in long hours working for the host family and the many others who have joined them living in a field under a tarp. Although they do not treat her badly, she is often sad and misses her family very much. She was very happy to get a visit from her brother recently; she had not heard from anyone in her family for a long time. Her Child Advocate, Francoise, reports that Benitha has frequent stomach aches and is unable to eat well. Francoise is going to take her to the clinic to get her medical attention.

Again, thank you for everything. I pray you'll be blessed for your endless generosity!


  1. Thank you so much for the email regarding the achieved (load cheering!) goal. I'm so thrilled. I can't wait to share the news.

  2. Nice work on the project! Will surely pray for Benitha. Keep us posted when you can.