Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's A........

Passport cover!!

Aren't this so trendy and cute? I just love these! The green one in particular. Which is your favorite?

These awesome $8 (yes, only $8!!) passport covers are a bright way to look at traveling overseas (or Canada :)). In the hassle of all that moving around and getting things together these will be your bright spot!

Made by Eco Friendly Papers, these covers are made of cruelty-free leather if you've ever heard of such a thing! It just means they were made from leather coming from animals that died naturally.

The covers are soft and intricately designed. One with a green background with embossed magenta butterflies and embossed white plants, one with an orange background with red, black and white embossed vines, and one with a blue background with white and turquoise embossed circles.

The ends of the holder have a transparent plastic layer under which you can secure your passport giving you a stylish and unique way to protect your passport!

And the best part - the purchase of these passport covers will fight extreme poverty in India!

Interested??? Buy them here!

And let us know what your favorite one is!

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