Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Hope Looks Like


You know, reality set in on me last night as I was helping cut plastic sheeting.

Can you imagine giving birth to a baby on plastic sheeting? What a terrifying thought in my world of comfort and security of doctors, clean hospital beds and 5 hospitals to choose from in a 30 minute radius. Can you imagine?

I don't think the average American person gives birth on a 3x3 piece of plastic sheeting with 3 12 inch pieces of string to tie off the umbilical cord and whatever else needs tied off.

I also don't think the average American is planning on going to a third world country to see what that reality looks like up close - or experience themselves.

But we want to give hope.

We want to give tangible, practical, real hope to people who are suffering. People who are poor. People who are hurting.

And you have done that - times 87.

87 midwives will feel better equipped when they assist a new mom with the delivery of her baby.

87 moms will feel hopeful that they have cleanliness in their ballpark when they are delivering their babies.

87 babies will be bathed with actual soap and then swaddled in a lovingly crafted baby blanket - a blanket sewn just for them.

That's 261 people you are giving hope to. In every day life, in every day ways. Amazing.

Oh wait a second, I forgot to tell you something. :)

What I meant to say was that's 102 midwives, 102 moms and 102 babies - 306 people you are giving hope to.

I went to Target to get soap for this project. The Ivory was the least expensive. When I was looking at the shelves I only saw 60 bars of soap. I was purchasing the soap for the church initiative we were helping with (more on that later) and I needed 400 bars of soap.

I asked the Target team member :) if he had more soap in the back. He walked over to the shelf and said, "Well, how much do you need - there's a bunch back here." (Can you tell he thinks I'm crazy?) I said, very matter of factly for the full effect, "I need 400 bars of soap."

He looked at me and said, "Holy crap."

Then he walked back to his cart, pulled out his price gun thing and checked. No more Ivory in the back.

That's okay. I'll load up on Dial.

After I loaded 400 bars of soap in my cart I walked up to the front and asked for a manager.

He came out and started laughing when he saw my cart.

I told him what we were doing. He told me, "I can offer you 15% off." So, I got 15% off. Woohoo!

Because of that deal and a couple others, I was able to make your dollar stretch just a little bit further. And now we're sending 102 kits instead of 87.

How's that for a nice surprise??

I'm pretty excited. And thankful. Thank you. So much. I have been honored to participate in this project with you.


  1. This is really, really great, Karyn. Go Target. Go midwives, moms and babies. Go Karyn.

  2. Thank you Sam! I'm so excited about how it turned out. Thank you for your incredible support throughout! I just can't thank you enough.

  3. Dang, that's cool! Thanks for your effort & update on how it went. So awsome to be a part of a project like this!

  4. Sam, my husband :) wants to know how many buttloads of kits that is?

  5. I'd say at least 2 buttloads, maybe more! ;-)

    So proud of you Karyn and so excited about the results. Thank you for putting it into perspective by describing who will benefit from these kits, and once again making it personal.

  6. Thank you Melissa. You have been a wonderful inspiration for making this happen. Thanks for chipping in with Sam's comment too! :)

  7. Well, this is what I posted on fb:

    "According to my calculations, and assuming our measurements are in gallons (as they ought to be), then you have gathered .8 buttload of kits, which, as everyone savvy with the more vulgar use of the term knows, is not too shabby. Add in your hospitality and the pay it forward dividends inspired by DFC and you've got yourself a full load. Way to go, Karyn!"

  8. Thank you for your astute calculations Sam. Who would have thought these comments would be on the Delicate Fortress Creations blog? Not sure it agrees with the boutique atmosphere, but it certainly is in line with reality! :)

  9. yes, if we're talking about giving birth on a plastic sheet and tying off umbilical cords with string, I think "buttload" is right at home here. =)

  10. Thank you Lexiloo! You were a wonderful part of the whole initiative. Can't wait to work on the next project with you!