Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giving You More Options

I've been thinking about our Made with Purpose poll. And I want to offer you a couple of different options.

So far we have had 4 votes - 2 for the sewing project and 2 for the literacy project. None for the computer lab or extra staff member at the transitional home The Restavek Freedom Foundation has recently begun. What am I talking about? Find out in this post.

4 votes is nice but not exactly earth shattering. :)

Well tonight I heard Theresa Flores from Gracehaven speak. And it was heart shattering. And it made me think of our poll.

Let me start fresh.....

Made with Purpose is our line of products hand made by women here in the US who want to help fight human trafficking. At least 10% of the proceeds of these items - most of them closer to 50% and even 100% have gone into a fund for projects to help fight child exploitation. Up until this time we have only done 1 project which was to sponsor a child slave, Benitha, in Haiti through the Restavek Freedom Foundaion. In less than one year we have raised $660 to sponsor her for 2 complete years. Until November when we need to start raising money to sponsor her for 2012 we need another place to send those funds. We need another Made with Purpose project.

We have four options. 2 of them are brand new. Here are the four options.

When speaking with The Restavek Freedom Foundation they told me about a transitional home they have begun to help severely abused restavek children. 7 girls live in this home and they want to start offering them vocational and extra curricular opportunities.

Sewing is one of those activities. With sewing skills the girls will be able to have vocational opportunities beyond what they can dream of now. Greater opportunity will lead them out of exploitation. They need to hire an instructor and purchase materials to begin this program. Option number 1.

The Restavek Freedom Foundation is also offering a 10 week literacy course for women who are basically the "slave holders" of these children. Their belief is that if these women, who are the heads of the families, are educated in human rights and basic parenting skills they will no longer be able to continue in the same way of life, the livelihood of the children in their homes will greatly improve and their culture will begin to change. It costs $400 to provide one 10 week literacy course. Option number 2.

Today I heard Theresa Flores from Gracehaven speak about her story as a human trafficking victim and the efforts she is spearheading to make this stop in America.

One of these efforts is called SOAP (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution). The goal of the SOAP program is to provide bars of soap with printed labels featuring a few pointed questions and the hotline number for human trafficking reporting to motels, particularly in crime laden areas where human trafficking and prostitution are prevalent. This is a new initiative and it needs funding and awareness to get off the ground. A case of soap, including 1,000 bars is $100. Option number 3.

And lastly, very soon into my journey of learning of human trafficking I learned of an incredible organization called Love146. Love146 is geared exclusively to providing preventative, aftercare and research opportunities to fight child exploitation. This is a phenomenal organization that is doing so much good around the world and I feel passionately about helping them, just as I do the other two organizations. They don't have a particular project they need help with but like every other program, they do need funding. So, option number 4 would be to provide a monetary donation to Love146 in November.

I want to hear from you! Please vote! The other 4 votes will continue to be counted and will be added to whatever we receive this week. Please let your voice be heard here because it matters. It is amazing what has happened with Made with Purpose and I believe the impact through this line could be profound.

Please partner with us in making this decision. The poll closes Friday, so vote, pass it along and let's see what happens!

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