Monday, March 28, 2011

Made with Purpose.......and literacy!

Book AddictionMission: Carrefour Feuille Literacy

Thank you for all who participated in our vote to determine where our Made with Purpose proceeds would go. I'm so excited to tell you about our newest project.

As a reminder, Made with Purpose is our line of products that have been made by women here in the US that want to make a difference in the world of child exploitation. We have raised over $700 in the last year through this line of products and small donations from our customers. Our first effort was to sponsor a child slave (restavek) in Haiti and we have now raised enough money to sponsor her for both 2011 and 2012!! So we needed a new project to complete and literacy is it!

The Restavek Freedom Foundation works with host families in Haiti - families that have restavek children in their homes. The work of The Restavek Freedom Foundation centers around creating relationships with these families and building rapport in order to have conversations with them on parenting in a life giving way to not only their own children, but the restavek children as well. The Restavek Freedom Foundation doesn't "believe in demonizing host parents. They are exhibiting behaviors that they learned from their parents and a culture that accepted this behavior." In the effort to meet the goal of relationship and dialogue The Restavek Freedom Foundation has developed a literacy program to teach the host parents to read and "provide a forum for us to talk and read about human rights issues and the treatment of children." ( These literacy programs will occur in Carrefour Feuille.

Carrefour Feuille "is a largely residential and very poor commune in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. The district has an estimated population of 408,000 as of 2003. It is mostly a bedroom community for those who work in central Port-au-Prince. The neighborhood is very poor and ill-serviced." (wikipedia)

The literacy program, beginning in July 2011 will be a 10 week program. The Restavek Freedom Foundation needs $400 per program to provide a tutor, gas for generators and teaching and learning materials. And that's what we're going to help with. All designated proceeds from our Made with Purpose line will go directly to funding 1 (but hopefully more!) literacy programs.

So, let's get started!

Also, I would love to get crafting and sewing blogs to participate in our Made with Purpose line by hosting creative contests to add new entries into our product line. We are very selective in what we carry because each item represents our artisans and causes and quality is of high importance in what we present to our customers. Creative contests will allow our causes to be promoted and would provide an opportunity for higher recognition for someone with great talent who hasn't been "noticed" yet. If you are a blogger or know of one who might be interested in helping us with contests in this regard, let us know! Please send an email to

Again, thank you for your votes and the difference you continue to make. It is always appreciated. And as always, keep tabs on how we're doing with our fund by visiting our home page, beginning later on in the week.

Happy Monday!


  1. Every stop I make here is always encouraging. Enough $ for 2011 and 2012. That's amazing.