Friday, March 4, 2011

She's Fun; She's Feminine; She's Emma!

You have to meet Emma!

Actually you need to meet 2 Emmas. :)

Emma #1 is 9 years old. She's a sweet little girl with incredible parents. Sam, her dad, is a blogger with High Calling and A New Breed of Advertisers. And Julie, her fun and ever creative mom has been a stay at home mom to Emma and her sister.

When I started planning for the maternal birth kit initiative Sam got on board in a big way, blogging and promoting it in several different ways. And Emma got involved too. She created the sweetest stuffed teddy bear for the project.

I have to tell you something. That bear and girl were a tremendous source of encouragement to me during the project.

You see, we had sold 38 kits by the Monday before the initiative ended on Wednesday. I had someone helping me create 12 of the needed blankets and stuffed animals so I really wasn't worried about making the rest.

But then everyone stepped up at the same time and we sold 50 kits in 2 days!!

Karyn, meet overwhelmed.

To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I was to the point of tears because I thought there was no way I was ever going to meet that deadline. To the point of tears many times for several days while I was sewing.

But then I would see Emma's bear. If she can do it; if she can meet the deadline, then I can do it too.

I left that bear out. I can't tell you how many times I looked at that bear and thought of Emma and sucked it up and just kept sewing.

And you know what? We made it!

Thank you Emma for your encouragement and inspiration and for the awesome stuffed animal you made for the babies in Haiti!

Do you remember our popular Ansley tote? I made that bag/tote after the A21 Campaign and named it after Ansley, a wonderful teenager who was a great source of inspiration for that particular campaign.

And I thought, I should do the same for this! So, Emma #2 was born!

Emma #2 is fabulous don't you think?!? She's fun, she's feminine and she's delightful. And she's in honor of Emma #1.

You can buy Emma #2 on our store as of today! Scoop her up in all her fun designs! Oh yes, and she helps children at risk - always with purpose!

And give a shout out to Emma #1 and her parents for their awesome generosity!


  1. What an honor! Thanks, Karyn, for your work and compassion. I'll be sure to show this to Emma this evening.

  2. Awesome! Thank you for being a great parent Sam. You and Julie are fantastic! I hope we teach our kids like you guys are!

  3. Okay, but you'll get the mistakes, too, and they are aplenty. :)

  4. Both Emmas are very cool

  5. Karyn, You are doing amazing work for God and His precious people. You are so inspiring to me! And I am overjoyed that Emma touched your heart. She is a gift to us every day. Well, some days not so much but you know what I mean. :) And we just have to have one of those Emma bags!! ~Julie Van Eman

  6. Thank you Julie! Thank you for helping her and teaching her in it! What a great gift you guys are to her.