Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Up With Made with Purpose??

Benitha has been sponsored!!

I am thrilled to tell you this. Through your purchases of our Made with Purpose products we have been able to raise $315 to sponsor her. And then we received a generous contribution from Mid-Atlantic Surgical Systems and that covered the rest and then some!! I am more than pleasantly surprised that we were able to accomplish this so early in the year!

So, now where do the Made with Purpose dollars go, you ask? Great question.

I was able to speak with Joan from The Restavek Freedom Foundation. I called to see if their organization had any "project" ideas for us to contribute to with the rest of the money raised until November through our Made with Purpose line. And boy, did she have ideas.

And here's one of the great parts. You get to vote on which project we choose!


As a result of very harsh treatment and report by their child advocates, 7 restavek children have been taken out of slavery and placed in a transitional home for their care. The transitional home houses 7 children and 2 staff members to care for them. In addition to the schooling these children receive they also have the opportunity for extra-curricular activities in the home. Future opportunities include music, art, dress making, baking and computer classes. The therapeutic measure these opportunities will present is incomprehensible in light of the tragedy they have encountered. The ability for freedom of expression through these means would be an incredible outlet for their feelings and emotions that are not so easily expressed through words.

In addition to the therapeutic help, these classes will also help provide vocational skills for the girls to use once they leave the home. With the ability to read and the knowledge of a vocational skill the cycle of restavek is most likely to be stopped in the lives these girls.

When I asked Joan what they most needed she posed the following suggestions, which you can vote on!

  1. Computer lab start up - purchase of computers, software, the cost of a tutor
  2. Sewing program - the ability to hire an instructor, purchase of materials
  3. Additional staff person to run the home - only 2 women are on staff at this time and as you can imagine the physical and emotional toll on those two women must be enormous
  4. Literacy funding - The Restavek Freedom Foundation is hosting 10 week literacy programs to teach the women in the culture how to read. The ability to read and comprehend is amazingly powerful and if women can learn to read and learn about basic human rights and basic parenting skills the impact on reducing the restavek life would be drastic. Each 10 week program costs $400 for the payment to the teachers, gas for generators and upkeep of VCRs and TVs for educational materials. (Apparently the dirt gets in these items and easily damages them.) Can you imagine?
I only have specific numbers for the literacy program simply because these programs are in development. As soon as I have additional specifics I will certainly let you know. But for now, these are the options and I'd love to know what you think!

We'll keep the vote open for one week so vote away! The poll will happen on our side bar on our blog home page, so check it out and let's hear what you think!


  1. I voted for literacy...though sewing was my second choice, of course!

  2. I'm having a hard time choosing between those two also! That's why I haven't voted! :)

  3. That is a hard one. I'm with Lexilooo on this though Literacy. If the can read than they will be able to read directions on their own for sewing or anything they learn to do!

  4. That's a great point Kath. Thank you for voting!

  5. Lexiloo and Kath, we updated our poll to give you a couple other options. Your votes will absolutely be counted still, so no worries! If you'd like to change your vote though, let me know! Here's the new blog post - for additional information. Thank you ladies for your incredible support!

  6. I vote for the literacy prograM