Monday, April 11, 2011

DFC and Pogo Sticking???

Is this me?

Um. No.

So far I can hop on my pogo stick 12 times without falling off. And that is a MAJOR accomplishment!

Why am I telling you this?

It is very important and I guarantee you can get excited about this.


Yep, we're officially announcing our next project to support and uplift non-profits that are doing incredible work in the lives of survivors of human trafficking and extreme poverty.

And man, do I need this project. Because you see, I was trying to put a pair of pants on that I haven't worn in a few months and they didn't exactly go on easily. Jumping was definitely involved. I could use some exercise.

And this is just the program to give me the incentive to make it happen.

From May 1-June 30th, Love 146, a phenomenal organization fighting child exploitation, is holding their Tread on Trafficking contest. For the contest, you come up with your own exercise program and you work on it, finding sponsors to sponsor you with a 1 time gift, or per mile/hour of exercise.

Here's where the pogo stick came in - they are awarding prizes!! Prizes go to the person who has the most sponsors, the person who raises the most money and the person who has the most awesome fitness goal. 26 miles on a pogo stick anyone?

Wanna join me? (You don't have to pogo stick.) Here's what this guy is doing....

So, here's how to get involved.

You can sign up and work individually here.

But how much fun is that? Why not join my team - the DFC Warriors??? Sounds awesome right? Join DFC here!

Don't want to exercise but do want to see how far I can go on a pogo stick? Sponsor me here! (Search for Karyn Puller.)

Project goal for DFC - to raise $5000 with 50 participants on our team. I know that's lofty, but so is 400 maternal birth kits!

Who's with me???

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  1. Awsome idea! Sounds like a lot of fun. . .and work. Very funny post, but very serious cause.

  2. I'll sponsor you $10 / mile that you pogostick. Good luck!

  3. Thank you!! Please send me your contact info at so I can record your pledge!! $260 would be amazing!