Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Back!

Our new shopping cart is now in action!! And we have some beautiful surprises for you!

First up, we have new punjammie styles in!! Here's a sampling....

We know our punjammies are one of your favorites and now we have even more awesome styles to choose from! Do you remember hearing the story of Nimi? It was an incredibly powerful story of a young girl who was rescued from forced prostitution, went to the International Princess Project and learned how to make punjammies. If you missed that very powerful post you can find it here.

The Nimi Punjammies, inspired by Nimi herself, are one of our newest styles! We are also featuring another awesome orange style, Sugunu, and a gorgeous Devi in purple! And speaking of purple, our Bollywood Berry Punjammies, our most popular pair yet, are back in stock.... but they've been selling fast at our events so I don't expect them to stick around very long!

You can start shopping for our newest punjammies here!

And surprise number 2. Drum roll please.... We now have a rewards program allowing you to rack up points, and therefore gift certificates any time you buy anything at all or anytime you refer a friend who buys something!! Isn't it wonderful?? Here's how it works...

For every $3 you spend on our site, you earn 1 reward point. Each point equals $1. After you accumulate 25 points you get a $25 gift certificate emailed to you to use on anything on our site!! AND, if you refer a friend who purchases something you automatically receive 10 points!! That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

So, you're being rewarded for doing awesome things for talented artisans all over the world!

I'm pretty excited! Are you?

And, in case you're still reading and not shopping, go here to start the fun!!

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