Monday, April 4, 2011

Wildlife and DFC???

I was so surprised last Christmas when guys started coming out of the woodwork to shop on our site for their wives, moms and daughters. I have no idea where they came from. And I was thrilled they were there!

But I felt kind of bad. Because if you haven't noticed, DFC is just a little bit.....girly. Have you ever noticed when you're out shopping, ladies, the look of sheer pain men have when they're in the women's clothing section of any department store? If you happen to see 2 of them in the same place their knowing exchanges of "what did you do to earn this?" abound. And then the looks of envy when one gets to escape, hardly unscathed by all the feminity.

Well, in honor of you guys, we have updated. Now you can enjoy shopping with us whether or not you feel comfortable with feminine style. We have a "safe place for guys" which ladies might actually prefer too! Darker colors, simpler choices and interesting ways to pick out what you want to buy. Shop by personality style, item type or purpose. How painless is that?

And the rest of the site has been updated with simpler navigation, easy ways to find answers to your questions about DFC and awesome new product pics. An inspiring way to jump into spring. And guys, Mother's Day is just around the corner so come on over!

So, have you seen our fresh look? What do you think?

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