Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moose Pajamas Anyone? Oh Yes, and a Promotion!

Here are some interesting facts for you on this Tuesday....

Did you know in the last month 320 people googled the phrase "moose pajamas"? Moose pajamas!!

550,000 looked up the word "Jesus".

45,500,000 people looked up the word "porn".

Any of those turn your stomach?

Certainly turned mine.

It absolutely goes to show why Delicate Fortress and our mission NEEDS to exist. Pornography and the demand for cheap sex is what drives the brothel industry, the sex industry. I say industry because that's exactly what it is. Women and mostly children, are being used as objects to fulfill desires of people everywhere who are using them as merely objects in their own pleasure. It makes me sick.

Pornography is treated as a very normal part of our culture. Do the people participating in this culture truly know what they are looking at though? How old is the girl they are staring at? Is this something she truly WANTS to do? What little girl says she wants to be in the porn industry as what she wants to do when she grows up? What parent wants that for their children?

One of the survivor stories I've heard regarding trafficking was a girl sold into the desires of about 20 men per night. Sometimes men will get "attached" to a particular girl. Pimps try to make certain that doesn't happen because her risk of escape is much higher if she has someone helping her from the "outside". After several "encounters" with her, this particular man finally saw the sadness in her eyes. And he talked to her - the first time any of her "customers" had ever talked to her. And he found out she was not in this willingly as he thought. She was forced into it.

How many people, when they're looking at porn, truly SEE what they're looking at? I bet not many.

When we go to events, the mission and message of Delicate Fortress is ALWAYS positively received, especially by women, mostly because that's our target audience. (If we offered tractors, trucks and deer heads I bet men would be excited too!) They want to help. They want to see. And they want to make a difference.

You know how many people searched "shop with purpose" in the last month? Zero. Yep. None.

We have to tell them.

We have to get the word out to women and men what we're about.

We have to work toward stopping the demand by educating men and women what is really happening when they "invest" in porn and cheap sex. We have to tell them the survivor's stories so the stories can be fewer and fewer because the demand has diminished. We have to empower the non-profits who are doing the on the ground work with these survivors - who are punishing brothel owners and pimps and saving the girls and boys who are being trafficked.

EVERY single time you come to our website and link to a non-profit to understand and get on board with their cause, EVERY time you share who we are and what we're doing, EVERY time you buy something from DFC, you are HELPING women. You are helping end the problem! EVERY time!

We have to spread the word that it is possible to shop with purpose! Shop to help people! Shop to make a huge difference in so many lives. It is tangible. It is concrete. It is real.

So, here's a promotion, just in case you need extra inspiration.

For everyone who shares what we're doing in any capacity: email, facebook, twitter, scheduling a home show or fundraiser, scheduling a speaking event, etc. we'll give you a 10% off coupon in our store for your entire order. Simply comment here or on our facebook page or shoot us an email at info@delicatefortress.com and we'll get your coupon to you right away.

So, let's get going on this! Let people know they can shop with purpose!

Oh, and if you're interested in starting your own business, it appears that there is definitely a market for moose pajamas! :)

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