Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Journaling and DFC Saris? What in the World?

Not too long ago, actually only one week ago, I found this AWESOME very PURPOSEFUL idea from the Crafty Chicks. Have you heard of them? If you like anything even remotely crafty or DIY at all you have to check them out. I guarantee you'll be inspired!

Anyway, their idea last week was a photo journal/chart created for the purpose of helping you have an extremely fun summer.

I don't know if you have the drive to create like I do, but I loved the idea of this. If you spend any time in blogland you'll find all these fantastic photographers. I just sit and stare enviously at their photos sometimes. I wish I had the time to just learn how to take really great pictures.

Well, now I can at least practice more, right?

Oh my goodness, what does this have to do with Delicate Fortress?

I'm so glad you asked.

As I was doing one of my first summer activities with my girls this afternoon (going to the zoo) I was using my sari pocket bag. And I thought..... I wonder if I did a photo sari challenge if people would participate? I was thinking we'd combine 2 very fantastic ideas - having a summer of fun on purpose and buying an incredibly, easily moveable bag with the purpose of fighting poverty. Sounds good to me!

Let me tell you what all I stuffed in my all too incredible bag - a sweatshirt, 3 sets of full sized lunchables, a Coke, my wallet, keys, a pen, and very clunky camera. That's a lot isn't it? And it was a trooper! I grow more in love with that bag every time I use it.

So, here's the deal...
1. Buy a sari bag here! (It's $14 and helps people!)
2. Go places during the summer...... with your sari bag and your camera.
3. Take your picture with your sari bag and send it to us.
4. On August 1 the person with the most unique place/photo/purpose with their sari bag will win a $50 gift card to DFC!!!!!

Yikes. That sounds like fun!

Pick up your bag to join in!!

Are you in?

Here's a bunch of suggestions for summer fun (just in case you need them)......
  1. Go to the zoo. :)
  2. Go to a baseball game.
  3. Watch clouds with your loved ones.
  4. Go kayaking/canoeing.
  5. Go to a museum.
  6. Go on a picnic.
  7. Roast smores. Do NOT use your sari bag for kindling! That would NOT be a good purpose for it! :)
  8. Visit the library.
  9. Go to a drive in theater.
  10. Pick blueberries/raspberries/peaches/apples or whatever else floats your boat.
  11. Go to the beach.
  12. Take a care package to someone who needs a pick me up.
  13. Blow bubbles.
  14. Go see the fireworks.
  15. Go to a fair.....
  16. Insert your idea here!
Have fun!

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