Monday, May 16, 2011

Pogo Sticking Update

So, I'm learning a few things.

  1. If you pogo stick with flip flops, you will get bruises on your feet.
  2. If you pogo stick in front of your dog, he will look at you like you're an idiot.
  3. If you pogo stick with a 60 year old pogo stick, you will break it.
  4. If you buy a new pogo stick, it will be harder to use than the aforementioned pogo stick.
  5. If you are 33, haven't exercised in 2 years and are using a brand new pogo stick, you will pull multiple muscles. Just saying.
  6. If you watch your husband try to out pogo stick you when he's never tried it before, you will laugh hard enough to need a diaper.
  7. If you pogo stick AND raise money, you can fight child exploitation.
I've had some setbacks over the course of the last week and haven't even made it to 2 miles yet, but I'm keeping on and am doing my best to meet my goal.

There's still time for you to get involved! Check out our link at the top that states "Current Ede Project" and sponsor or join in this fantastic cause!


  1. Sounds like there's been some pain involved, but if the great cause you're doing this for isn't enough motivation, the prospect of watching your husband try it should keep ya going! :D

  2. LOL! That is true Heather! Definitely worth it - in both cases!