Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 Miles Down, 18 To Go!

18 seems like a long ways away!

22 days left in the Tread on Trafficking Campaign.

Let's get 'er done!

I just want to share a couple things with you that I've thought about as I hop my way to, well, no where.... I just started being able to move forward, which believe me, is a HUGE accomplishment! Maybe next week I can go in public. :)

As I hop I think of how tired I am and how I hurt and how I can't wait until June 30.

And then I think of that little girl somewhere who is being sold, tonight. With no choice, no hope of a June 30th and no way to heal or recuperate.

Bruises, falls, blisters, don't even compare, even in the slightest, to what she is going through. And now that I know about her, I feel driven to do something to help her. And that's why I support and will fight for Love146, even on my pogo stick.


  1. Way to go Karen...and for keeping the reason why you are doing this in front of our minds. Continued prayers for you and that the hearts of the traffickers would be opened to receive the truth that what they're doing is wrong and need to stop now.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Andrea. That is my prayer too.